Road Trip 2002

Las Vegas

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 We checked into our room at the Venetian around 4:ish and did a quick walkabout before dinner.  After dinner we blew $20 learning how the slot machines work.  Sorta fun, but not so much that we could become addicted.  We are hoping to see a show Tuesday nite.

Our room is really nice . . a benefit of being here during the week:


Tuesday, Apr 9

We took another walkabout this morning.  Stopped by the Venetian Canal in the Hotel.  Weather was perfect . . the clouds look like they were painted on a blue background!  The gondolas were a real hit.  We wandered down and thru several Casinos/Hotels.  Stopped at a couple to rob the slot machines.  


The round building on the left of Caesars' is the new home for Celine Dion's Las Vegas show.  It will be built to resemble the Coliseum . . O . . and the clouds above are painted . . it is all inside


We have tickets to the Smothers Brothers Show tonite!  We go to Los Angeles in the morning.

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