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Sunday, Apr 21

We left San Francisco around 8:00 headed for Los Angeles.   Suffice it to say that the scenic part of our road trip is behind us!  After a short, 40-mile drive along route 152 between Gilroy and Interstate 5 that was full of beautiful, cascading green, tree-covered hills, we drove down the middle the Joaquin Valley, (which should be called the Joaquin Desert) . . We drove around Los Angeles rather than thru it when we recalled the media frenzy the last time a Simpson drove a white Ford SUV down the Los Angeles freeway!

Around 4:00 pm, we entered I-10 and pointed the nose of the Expedition East for the first time in almost three weeks . . felt good!  We went thru Palm Springs and are spending the nite at Indio.  It is apparently in  the middle of an Indian Reservation ( Duh . . Indio?)  there are two large casinos close to us, including one with The Donald's face on it.  Every restaurant we saw had slots.  We will have the oil changed in the morning . . wonder if the local Jiffy Lube has slots?

We plan on spending a couple of nites in Phoenix AZ, before heading on back East and the hundred day drive across West Texas.  We are both homesick for all 5 grandbabies, and Dick is missing his monster computers and seeing his garden grow...while Carol misses their own bed and her baby boy (Max).  It's been a wonderful adventure, and we're happy to be nearing the finish line in Katy, TX.